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We print Photos or scan Paintings and Photographs at almost any size. We also offer a bespoke framing service for our large photo prints.

Fakenham has a rich history in the printing and publishing industry. This is a tradition that we are immensely proud of and still honour today.

We offer a wide range of proofing solutions, from high quality colour correct contract proofs to inexpensive laser prints. Our large-format inkjet printer can print your images up to 44 inches wide on a variety of media, including fine art canvas, Hahnemühle and high gloss paper.

Contract Proofing

We use the latest equipment and software, the Epson 4900 Stylus Pro with Spectro proofer. This together with GMG Proof Control Inline, ColorProof and ColorServer produces colour accurate and FOGRA certified proofs to the highest standards, giving you the customer, the reassurance to pass press ready files to your printer.

Inkjet prints

Using Epson’s proofing technology and the Epson 9800 printer, we offer high quality inkjet printing.

We can accept images from a wide variety of sources including digital cameras, CD and DVD. We are also able (upon request) to scan original images for output. These can vary from 4” × 6” photo prints to slides or negatives, old photos or even paintings/artworks for reproduction. All of the above can be enlarged to your required size.

  • A3 from £9.60 per print
  • A2 from £13.60 per print
  • A1 from £18.60 per print
  • A0 from £27.80 per print

Prices for Epson 9800 prints only from PDF files supplied by the customer. All prices exclude VAT.